Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'm Finally Back, Did You Know I Was Gone?

As Susan W. said "Your guilt is gone!" Well, I don't know if it is really all gone, but it is somewhat dinimished. Melted enough that I can announce that the new house in Cedar City is finally finished, and print a photo of the house as it appear Dec. 14, 2009.

I've made several trips to Cedar City with the car jammed full of "stuff", mostly things from my workroom--books, and yarn. Now the the good dishes and the nick-nacks from Bob's bookroom are up there too. Over Thanksgiving we rented a U-Haul and took the Murphy bed, some livingroom chairs, patio set, wicker chairs and my big floor loom up to Cedar City. We stayed over night for the first time sleeping on mattress on the floor in the basement. Bob calls it camping out since we don't have TV service and therefore no ESPN. So we missed the Packer-Lion game on Thanksgiving Day.

The house is really pretty snug and I enjoy driving up and messing around with this and that for a few hours. The shades were put in this past week and the shutters will be finished up this weekend. The bar stools came in today so I will probably haul them up next Monday.

I'll finish off with some nice pictures of Carlee's family that were taken in October when Dustin, Erin and Paige visited, just before Jack's 6th birthday. Only Paige is pictured though. Dustin and Erin are expecting the 4th member of the family to arrive March 17th, a younger sister for Paige. Hopefully my next blog will before that.


Susan said...

WOW! Welcome back! Your house is gorgeous.

So, do we get a pic of your weaving room?


mjsmg said...

glad you are back I have missed your posts

LV weaver said...

Susan, Your magic wand worked! The weaving room is a mess at this point. It is stacked with piles of books and yarn. Hopefully this weekend a table will be installed to put some storage cubes on. Then I can start putting away the stuff all over the floor. But you're right I haven't taken any pictures of the interior lately. Thanks for keeping on my case. BJ

LV weaver said...

Thanks Mary Jo for the nice words. No promises, but I'll try to put a few posts up this year BJ