Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Second Peek Inside the House in Cedar City

Now that the house is completed in Cedar City we have been slowly decluttering the house in Las Vegas and moving the clutter to Cedar City. It seems only fair to me to share the clutter.

My Schacht floor loom is temporarily sitting in the family room in the basement. As you saw in my last post there is no room for looms in the workroom. The electric fireplace is in one corner surrounded by “cultured” river rock.

Upstairs in the Great Room the gas fireplace stone and the cultured stone wall in the sunroom match each other. The wicker furniture is in the sunroom for right now, and looks pretty good there. But they will probably end up in the family room in the basement. Bob has gotten in the habit of eating breakfast in the sunroom and reading the newspaper on the weekends. The present patio table is too big so will probably have to be replaced by a smaller bistro table and chairs. For the present time the patio set serves as a dining set. It is a bit of a problem to furnish two houses with furniture from one house. Both houses echo a bit.

We now have shades on the windows facing south, and most of the windows facing west and north we will have shutters for more privacy and warmth. You can see the shutters on the window facing the street in the closet just beyond the bathroom. We haven’t figured out the arrangement for the closet yet, not looking forward to that job.

More about the rest of the house later…

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