Thursday, January 21, 2010

Second Christmas in Salt Lake City

The day after Christmas Bob and I drove up to SLC with the Mac, our Heinz 57 family dog, and a car load of Christmas presents from Southern NV. We by passed Cedar City for a comfort stop and pushed on to Beaver, Utah, the unofficial halfway point to SLC. Since the stop was brief we arrived in SLC earlier than usual so that I could buy a gift card for Carlee at a local quilt shop, an easy Christmas present.

We were lucky the weather was pretty mild and the roads were clear, although the weather was much colder than we were used to. It was relaxing to see the kids and grandkids again and unwrap more presents.

Six year old Jack received a Marble (Oops, should be Marvel) comic book action figure shirt from his Uncle Dustin that matches Dustin’s. Both Dustin and Jack love to draw.

Santa brought Jack a set of drums; I wonder whose idea that was? The drum set did end up in the play room in the basement after Christmas but got a workout before that from everyone including Katie Jane.

Grandma B. gave KJ a couple of Fancy Nancy books along with a scarf/boa to dress up with, which she seemed to enjoy. We had an enjoyable visit, but did have to leave a day early because of a snow storm moving through the state. We had to drive through a light snow fall all the way south of Beaver, and ended up staying over night at our house in Cedar City.

Next back to our old routines…


Susan said...

Oh, Grandma!

Marvel Comic Books. MARVEL!

I can tell someone didn't read Superman and Spiderman when she was a kid...


LV weaver said...

I stand corrected. I'm surprised Dustin didn't get on my case, he's the comic book fanatic. But it was true I was more of the Donald Duck reader than the Superman comic book fan.