Saturday, January 23, 2010

The New Year at Wooly Wonders

Inventory has come and gone and the store is neat and tidy again. Some of the changes around the store are a newly repainted door with the adjusted store hours. Open Knitting on both Tuesday and Thursday evenings has become as popular as Open Knitting on all day Saturdays.

The shelves are fully stocked; and it’s hard to work without thinking of what I’d like to do with this or that new yarn. One of my favorite new yarns is Ella Rae’s lace merino. I’m trying to design a sweater and or a hat pattern using this Italian space dyed yarn. It’s an extra fine merino with a 100 gram skein running 460 yards—just gorgeous.

While putting some knitting needles away yesterday I found this set of bird nest Serendipity needles that I just couldn’t resist. The birch wood needles have polymer clay decorative ends in all sort of cute designs. I originally bought a pair to take on a cruise since there were so different and cut looking. But once I started using them I really like the sharp points for knitting, so I was hooked.
Next, the new year of weaving classes…

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