Friday, July 16, 2010

The Yard is Coming Along

[Family and Friends Friday]

After two weekend away we get to spend some time at home in Cedar City and enjoy the cool temps in the basement, upstairs in the real world is another story.

Over the Fourth of July we visited Carlee and family in Salt Lake City. They had their annual friend’s picnic-party with lots of kids and fireworks in the street. Here is a picture of Katie Jane helping Carlee make some sugar cookies for the party.

The following weekend we visited Las Vegas to attend Erin’s sister’s wedding on Mt. Charleston. Nice place to have a wedding in the summer in Vegas, since it’s usually 20 degrees cooler up on the mountain. Erin was in the wedding party and so was Paige as a flower girl. Here is a picture of the family after the ceremony. Baby Jordan is now about 4 months old.

Before we left for the two weekends, most of the landscaping was completed. Bob’s planted about 18 trees on the lot, some lilacs and other small scrubs. The stone and fence were added. We’re just waiting for a bit of fence to be finished and the artificial grass in the back yard by the patio to be done. It was suppose to be completed today, but they never got here. So I assume something will happen early next week. These are pictures of the back patio area, the front west side yard and finally the east side yard.

The next phase will be to add some small bushes, scrubs and grasses. The ground is so hard that Bob has to use a pick axe to dig the plant holes. Evidentially this area was once a lake bed and is mostly a fine clay soil that is like a rock when it dries. When it is a dust it is so fine that it sneaks in the house when it is windy, which is pretty often.

I haven’t gotten any weaving students yet. But I will keep trying to find places to post notices about The Bloomin’ Loom and beginning weaving lessons. It is so warm, mid 90’s, that I don’t imagine too many people want to get out and do things. Will keep you all posted.