Thursday, January 14, 2010

Last Peek In The House in Cedar House

I hope you all aren’t too bored with hearing and seeing the new house in Cedar City, Utah. I promise this will this be the last posting until the outside landscaping happens.

The kitchen was interesting to work with, and I wished I had thought more thoroughtly about the design of the cabinets “internals”. The actual cabinet space was limited so we added a buffet built-in to one wall in the great room. The advantage was more cupboard space – the disadvantage was less wall space for art work.

We enjoyed working with the local granite contractors who gave us some good ideas and were helpful with their suggestions. We ended up with granite window sills, which I’m really happy about since the window wells are about 10-12 inches deep because of the type of construction. The kitchen island is another favorite with the rough cut edge, which you can see in the photo.

Bob’s bookroom has alder bookshelfs and desk. For Christmas I gave him a Tiffany style desk lamp that picks up the warm tones of the wood. The books shelves that he finished for our LV home wouldn’t fit in the new bookroom, which was a shame. But the new ones are pretty, kind of empty right now though.

That completes the tour for right now. The Murphy bed is still in pieces downstairs and we have to decide how to furnish the other guest bedroom. But we have plenty of time for that.

Next we will revisit second Christmas in Salt Lake City with Carlee & Tom’s family.


mjsmg said...

Your new home is beautiful. Thanks for letting us have a peek. Hope that it is not the last peek" you will post.

LV weaver said...

It probably will be the last peek until I have something new to show you. The house is kind of messy at this point with "clutter" here and there. When I get my workroom put together or more organized I will revisit it. And when we get some furniture in some of the rooms, or some landscaping done. But the landscaping is a couple of months away yet. We do have someone working on some ideas for layout though. So more in a couple of months...