Sunday, March 8, 2009

So What Happened to February? Part 2

Because I didn’t know what I was doing I haven’t progressed very far on the sewing projects for my granddaughters. I’ve finally gotten the initials done on the corduroy bodices, now I have to change the thread on the serger to sew up the outfits. But of course, I’ve put that off to make an apron for my neighbor…

My neighbor, Lynn, is a great cook and baker besides being generous. When Carlee and family from SLC were here for Paige’s first birth celebration, Lynn sent over some baked dishes and cookies. What a sweetheart! So instead of sending some food back to her, I thought that I would embroider an apron for her and send that back with the empty dishes. HA! Well the empty dishes went back 2 weeks ago and I’m still working on the apron! But at least it looks decent. I added some embroidery “Lynn Super Mom” to the apron bib in pink on a turquoise background with an Amy Butler print used for the ruffle, pocket, trim and ties. Another week or so should finish off the apron. I keep forgetting that sewing, and doing a good job of it takes more time than I originally think it should. Once the apron is finished I can get back to the granddaughter’s outfits--which they will have probably grown out of by then or the weather will be too warm to wear. True Murphy’s Law or in my case, Ackerman’s Procrastination.

This past Monday morning I started teaching a beginning tapestry class at Wooly Wonders to a very interested student. Interested enough to get me back to teaching as I had taken the fall semester off from teaching weaving classes. It looks like I may have a beginning rigid heddle class following the end of the tapestry class. I’m going to try some new resolutions to prevent burn out. Teach only one class - one section at a time with a break of a week between a series of classes. And I raised my prices to approximately $10. an hour plus materials if any. We’ll see how well the new resolutions work out.

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