Friday, June 11, 2010

Las Vegas--Going, Going, Gone

[Family and Friends Friday]

We have finally made the move from Las Vegas to Cedar City. Now we are slowing trying to dig our way out of the pile of boxes that we moved last Sunday. We spent Monday trying to get organized in Cedar City. Especially to get Utah plates for my card, as my registration ran out June 2.

Tuesday we headed back to Las Vegas to clean the house and get it ready for the Stanley Steamer team on Wednesday. We stayed the night with Dustin and Erin, Paige and Jordan. We had to get those last minutes of holding the baby before we left town.

Wednesday night we were back in Cedar and starting to attack the pile of never ending boxes of “stuff”. And of course it was like a treasure hunt looking for things you couldn’t remember which box you packed it in. I finally found my medicine bottles today in my craft room, even though the box was labeled main bathroom.

Before this last move my craft room was in pretty good order, looking nice and neat. This is how it looks today. I can barely walk through the piles of stuff. Straightening that mess will probably come last.

We got phone service yesterday, and got hooked up with Direct TV today, so both Bob and I feel a little more with it. There is only so much two people who have been married 45 years can talk about.

The weather here is nice and cool, it was only in the 60s today, after the 100 in Las Vegas the day we left, and we appreciate the change. Incidentally the air conditioning in Bob’s Mini wasn’t working, or he couldn’t figure out how to turn it on. I’m not sure which case it is. But the end result was the same, he suffered the four hours it took us to follow the moving truck. (It usually is a two and a half hour drive.)

Well, tomorrow back to unpacking. I finally got the pantry unpacked, tomorrow the spice cabinet. Don’t know when I will feel like weaving or knitting again. I can’t believe I am going to bed about eleven, that’s early for me. Hopefully Fiber Investments will get fired up soon.

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