Friday, June 18, 2010

Getting Settled in Cedar City

[Family and Friends Friday]

We’ve been here a little over two weeks and have experienced a hailstorm and a windstorm. Thank goodness those two days have been more than balanced by the bright sunshiny days in between. The temperate temperatures have been welcomed after moving from the 100 degree temperatures of Las Vegas.

Besides unpacking boxes, a seemingly never ending job, we’ve been slowly moving “stuff” from the garage into the correct room in the house. One day we actually took a trip to Hurricane and St. George, a trip to the big city, and came home with our first tree. Bob planted the Redbud in front of his bookroom. Hopefully soon we will add some others to our naked looking lot.

Some of the boxes that were really getting in the way and on our nerves were the big wardrobe boxes from our closet. We didn’t have any shelving or a clothes rod in the master closet, so that became a priority once the kitchen was in order.

So yesterday and today we were frequent shoppers at Home Depot buying shelving, brackets and rods to get the closet done. It was a challenge for Bob since the concrete walls can only be screwed into every eight inches. Hopefully the first hole hits in the right place so that the rest will follow. The end result turned out okay without any major errors, but it did seem like a master puzzle for awhile.

Bob’s side does look pretty neat, mine –not so much. But it meant we got rid of a bunch more of boxes. It’s the simple things in life that give us satisfaction. Like a job well done, and getting rid of cardboard boxes.


[erin] said...

Progress is progress! Glad I checked over here to find these updates. Miss you but see you next week...

Cedar City weaver said...

We're ready for another visit to LV. I wished we were staying over night. Don't think we'll get everything done in that short a time. Hope you are enjoying a good weekend.