Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bloomin' Loom Has Moved

About a month ago I found out from two sources that a weaving shop/studio was opening in Cedar City. Needless to say I was pretty happy hearing about that. A Utah craft store, Roberts, had just closed down after serving Cedar City for 23 years. Sew Swanky, a yarn and quilting store had morphed into Stitch It Up, a cross stitch and quilting store. So the yarn stores were on the losing end of things. Here I was moving to town and the yarn stores were disappearing. I was starting to get despondent.

Ann Nelson, a Cedar City weaver, along with her daughter, Becky, and son-in-law, Jesse, have opened a combination weaving studio-gift shop called The Bloomin’ Loom. Ann raises sheep and also sells some roving, and will be selling weaving yarns. But the main inventory is their handwoven rugs and hand towels.

They’ve recently moved to a new location at 491 S. Main St. in the Crown Pointe Mall, suite 204. I visited it last week and it’s a much nicer shop than they were first located at. It’s airy with a raised ceiling, and has lots more room. And it has an additional room for a classroom.

That is of special interest to me as they are interested in offering weaving lessons and I just happen to be available to teach to some beginning weaving lessons. Talk about serendipity. I was wondering how I was going to keep myself occupied once we moved to Cedar City and I wouldn’t be able to work at the yarn shop in Las Vegas anymore.

So after the 4th of July we are going to try offering a beginning weaving class, probably using my own frame looms since most of those interested don’t own looms. Now I just have to be able to find all my teaching materials in all of my moving boxes!

The Bloomin' Loom does have an online store, which you might want to check out just click here.

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