Tuesday, October 14, 2008

WOW! Group - Part 2 - What the Rest is Working On

Besides Bill’s cardboard weaving, several WOW members were working on a variety of projects. Kathi set aside her landscape tapestry to start work on her Christmas card project. She was weaving a brown and green background on her rigid heddle loom to use as the backing for paper cut outs of a Christmas tree, as shown in the photo. Kathi plans to add some items to the tree, perhaps buttons, as ornaments.

Holli was continuing to weave the handles for a tote bag on her inkle loom from the Spring Mt. Ranch State Park demonstration last Saturday. This is a better picture of her design for the handles.

Jan was knitting a nice lacy pattern for a scarf, while Marilyn was knitting on a white sweater.

I worked a bit on my woven bookmarks, which I’ll now have to finish up with what I have and cut the rest of the warp off the loom. Which I’m not too sorry about doing. A couple of days ago I received the directions for the lace workshop so I’ll need to measure the four yards of warp threads and get my loom warped before October 25. I’ll be doing a huck lace pattern with four shafts. I was thinking about the lace weaves that I’ve done in the past, and they have all been done basically using two shaft techniques.

I wanted to be daring and do the warp in three different colors of cotton warp, but I may chicken out and do it in just one color. But one color just seems so boring, and the three colors that I picked out from Wooly Wonders are really splashy--purple, green, and blue. I have to see what I have the courage to finally end up doing.


Lish Fish said...

Thanks for the comment! To get the music, click on mine where it says create a playlist and it will take you to a new site. You register, pick out your own songs for your playlist, and have it make a html code. I think it says for 'other sites' or myspace. Either one will work. Copy the code and put it in your blog by
-adding gaget
-html or 3rd party code
-and paste and save.

Hopefully that didnt throw you off too bad. I am sure you will be able to figure it out.

I LOVE the weaving. I have seen Cheryls and it is just amazing. It is beautiful!

Thanks for stopping by... let me know if you have anymore questions.


LV weaver said...

Thanks Elisha for answering my question. I've got to try it out. Glad you like the weaving. Can you believe that only a couple of years ago Cheryl was a beginning student of mine? She has just taken off.