Monday, October 6, 2008

Visiting LYS and Gathering Ads - Part 1

The past couple of weeks I’ve been visiting a few of our local yarn shops to sell ads for our fiber arts guild’s newsletter. The first shop I visited was the newest knitting shop in the LV valley, Knit Las Vegas. It’s located at 10740 S. Eastern Ave. in Henderson, NV 89052, on the corner of Eastern and Horizon Ridge.

Christine, the owner, is a friendly, vivacious woman that I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about in the future. She is a great supporter of the guild as she took out a half page ad in our newsletter for the year! She is a great advocate of crochet, although she does knit too and the shop is stocked with lots of yarns and threads to satisfy both types of crafter’s appetites.

Presently Christine is in the midst of creating garments that are a combination of crochet and knit for a forthcoming book. She had just finished a gorgeous piece that was on the mannequin in the store. Here is a sneak preview of the piece, front and rear views. The square motifs were crocheted out of Noro sock yarn and the knitted sections were done with Southwest Trading Company’s Jezebel. I found myself drooling over the various examples that Christine was showing me. Her use of crochet, combined with knit, was winning me over. It was really refreshing to see a new approach to crocheted garments that was appealing to my sense of touch. In the past crocheted fabric has always struck me as being too stiff, and drab.

Knit Las Vegas is the closest of all the shops to my house, so it wasn’t my first visit, so I had to cruise the yarn aisles. And, of course, I didn’t leave the store empty handed. There is a nice selection of Karabella yarns, Artyarns, Cascade yarns, among lots of others. I bought some Karabella Cable 5 to use as warp, they have such nice jewel tones. I also bought some Artyarn Regal Silk to knit a shawl pattern, my first.

The knitting of that shawl pattern is going pretty badly, and I think I’ll have to back off and try a simpler design. I hate to admit defeat on a pattern, that that’s the way it goes. I just don’t have the experience with shawl knitting yet, and I think I have to sit down and concentrate more. I’m too easily distracted, and it’s something you can’t do and try and watch TV at the same time. Besides the Regal Silk is too pricey to mess up with, I’d rather come back to it when I think I can handle the pattern.

We’ll have to keep Christine and her crochet/knit projects in the back of our minds and see what she comes up with next. She was working on a herringbone knitted piece that really looked like a basket weave. I like to see that piece when it’s further along.


Susan said...

Hey Barb, Which shawl was it? I scanned the back posts, but didn't spot the pattern. I can find you some drop-dead gorgeous (but easier to knit) patterns if you wish! Susan from WW

LV weaver said...

Susan- I never specifically mentioned or showed my poor shawl efforts as they never got beyond the first row! The pattern was a Heart Strings Pattern A26-6366 called Hanging Vines Stole by Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer I have no idea where I bought it.
I would definitely appreciate some easier to knit patterns!

Susan said...

'strewth, woman! You're a masochist! Look at some of these:
simple lace wrap
Juno Regina
Sea Scape

It kind of depends on what weight yarn you want to use, and how warm and/or decorative you want to be.

You have my real email - write to me and let me know more about what you're thinking!!!!!


LV weaver said...

Susan - ('strewth) Trully that sounds so "Renasissance" or Middle Ages of you... Did you look the pattern up? I did copy your helpful list--thank you. But the shawl will have to be put on the back burner for now as I have to get ready for the lace workshop in SLC the end of the month. I'm trying to clear my loom so I can rewarp it. But I will get back to you with some questions and/or suggestions. Thanks for keeping on my case, Susan of WW.