Thursday, December 11, 2008

Progress on Our Hole in the Ground

The Lace Workshop finished up on Monday afternoon. Since Bob teaches an evening class Monday evenings back in Las Vegas, he had made arrangements to fly back Sunday afternoon. So Tuesday morning Mac, our dog, and I started the 6 hr. drive back to Vegas. I had planned to stop in Cedar City for lunch and gas, and thought I might as well stop out at the property and see if anything had changed since our trip up on last Thursday.

You can imagine my surprise when I approached the property and saw the huge piles of dirt on our corner lot. Finally something was being done. The person digging out the basement was still there. He had finished the digging and was setting out the stakes for the footings. I took some pictures, walked the dog a bit, met some of the curious next door neighbors, and called my hubby on my cell to give him an update. Finally got back on the interstate and finished the rest of the trip home, believe it or not, without stopping at one yarn or weaving shop on the way home!

Since then the builders have keep us informed of their progress and sent us some photos. Luckily the fall weather in southern Utah was been unseasonably warm and the cement work is coming along. The basement floor and footing were laid, and the beginnings of ICF construction can be seen. ICF stands for insulated concrete form. The exterior walls of the house from basement to roof are concrete surrounded by Styrofoam on both the inside and outside. It’s more efficient on heating and cooling, good against wind, fire and sound. Once the house is built, the exterior is similar to a normal house and it’s hard to tell the difference between an ICF and a wood constructed house. There are several different types of ICF, our builder is using ARXX in the construction of our house.

Last week the basement ICF walls were put up and the middle of this week they were due to pour the cement for the basement walls. In a week or so Bob and I plan to drive up to Cedar City and see the progress first hand. It is kind of exciting to see the house going up finally.


Susan said...

Barb, It's so cool to watch construction! Lookin' good!

Susan from WW

LV weaver said...

Susan, Thanks for the comment. Now that the ground has finally been broken it is fun to see how the building will go up. Hopefully things will keep moving along before the snows fly. Barbara