Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Lace Weaving Workshop - Part 1

While the trip to SLC was to celebrate our grandson Jack’s 5th birthday, I was really there to attend a three day workshop presented by the Mary M. Atwater Weavers’ Guild in Salt Lake City. I had joined the guild last year so that I could attend the Utah State Weavers’ Conference in April, mainly handled by the SLC guild. As part of the Conference, Daryl Lancaster, a well known weaver and clothing instructor was a featured lecturer and workshop instructor, pictured above.

Daryl had been an instructor at IWC (Intermountain Weavers’ Conference) in August, 2007, where Jan a member of the LV guild had been a participant of her workshop and highly recommended Daryl as an instructor. When I found that Daryl was going to be holding a workshop in this part of the country, I found that only way I could attend the state convention would be as a member of a Utah guild. Since my daughter lives in SLC that could solve the accommodation problem. So after find the SLC guild’s website I was able to join the guild without a problem. I found, once I received a membership roster, that the guild has members statewide, so it wasn’t unusual to a member living outside Salt Lake City.

The state conference was a great learning experience with Daryl Lancaster’s pre-conference workshop and the other shorter conference workshops. I enjoyed meeting new acquaintances with similar interests, and felt very welcomed by the group. It was such a good experience that I decided to renew my membership in the guild for this year. Even though I can’t attend many meetings, they offer opportunities for interesting workshops. If I plan ahead carefully I can participate in the workshops.

The SLC guild offered a terrific basketry workshop in Sept. that I was unable to attend. The irony was I was in SLC when the workshop took place, but Bob and I were babysitting Jack and Katie Jane white their parents were taking a long weekend in NYC. I did see some of baskets from the workshop and they were great, modernistic rather than traditional. Definitely one of a kind. Kristine the owner of the weaving/knitting store,Three Wishes, 7130 Redwood Rd. West Jordan, UT, 84084, showed me her baskets.

When the mailing came announcing the opportunity for a 3 day lace weaving workshop I really got excited. Here was a workshop I could participate in. In August I had had to cancel my spot in a freeform embroidery sewing class taught by a national instructor that I had signed up for in April! I had no one to blame but myself as it was the same weekend as Katie Jane’s birthday, something that didn’t dawn on me in April. Luckily I didn’t have to pay a penalty for canceling as there was a waiting list for the classes I had to miss. I was really disappointed though.

Then it occurred to me that the lace weaving workshop was going to be the same weekend as Jack’s birthday. I was going to be 3 for 3, three misses on three workshops with trips to SLC. However, hubby Bob did come through and the workshop was on with Grandpa Bobby as our bowling team leader.

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