Thursday, September 25, 2008

Minding the Store on Thursdays

I’m minding the store today and tomorrow. So after the shelves are straightened, the books rearranged and the customers waited on I sometime can manage to fit in some knitting or weaving. I brought my Voyageur table loom into the store yesterday for WOW! (Weaving on Wednesday) so I was all ready to fit some weaving in if the time allowed. You can see my loom set up in a corner of the shop.

One of the WOW! members returned early this morning for some more Lamb’s Pride Yarn by Brown Sheep for another weaving project. Hermi brought her weaving bag that she’d just finished. She’s an accomplished spinner and knitter, but she’s just gotten into weaving and is having fun experimenting with different simple looms and types of weaving.

Her bag is a combination of cut pile, done on her Kromski harp rigid heddle loom using her handspun yarn, and card weaving which she used to create the handle for the bag. I think she used Lamb’s Pride yarn for the handle and the rest of the bag. I rather like the bright color combinations she used.

Later in the afternoon I was able to work on the bookmarks for awhile. The pattern yarn that I’m using for the present marker is about as thin as the black rayon thread used for the warp and binder so the progress is really slow. I’m afraid the iridescent quality of the thread doesn’t show up the pattern well in the photo. In the second photo I unwound the cloth beam to show you what the other bookmarks looked like.

The first bookmark uses a peach colored #30 crochet cotton for the pattern weft. The second one is a thicker silvery metallic thread, and the third is a thicker rayon crochet cord in variegated colors. I think the #30 crochet cotton and the metallic thread markers show up the weaving pattern the best. The iridescent marker is nice but a little too subtle. The weaving isn’t very speedy, especially if you’re used to working with a rigid heddle loom with a #8 dent making some shawls. Well, there is tomorrow…


The King Of Cards said...

Hi Mom!!! Thanks for the warm regards. Miss you and Dad! :)

LV weaver said...

King of cards: It's good to know that you finally read your comments! See what "Blockhead" started. Miss seeing you too!